Strategy & New Media Consulting


Understanding how to implement a larger scale business project like a branding redesign or a complex website development project can be a daunting undertaking without some understanding of the best practices of branding, usability, user interface design and information architecture.

The strategy consulting services offered by PDW are intended to make Jason Powell‘s knowledge and expertise about larger scale custom development projects available to your company. It’s very simple. You pay a flat fee to initiate a project. That provides you with an extensive consultation to discover a complete perspective of your project. Jason then also provides a documented project “go forward” plan included with the consultation. If you feel that the plan is appropriate for your project, Jason continues to work with you at an hourly consulting rate. If you don’t, you can end the consulting services there. You can even take the plan and run with it yourself if you choose. The possibilities are wide open.

Strategy consulting services include things like:

  • Creating project specifications and documenting them.
  • Creating project flow and information architecture diagrams
  • Meeting with your team remotely to present the plan
  • Telling you when an idea or plan is not good, and why
  • Providing real information from the field to support implementation of strong ideas
  • Assisting with getting “buy in” from upper management
  • Working with your in-house design team to improve graphic design and interface design concepts, or to align your design elements across all of your brand initiatives and online or offline marketing channels.
  • Working with your vendors to ensure that they are implementing things in a way that will make for an effective end result
  • Creating coordinated launch plans to align your web go live with other marketing mediums and brand initiatives.

New Media Consulting

Today’s new media is called “Social Media”, but “New Media” is not a new term. There was a time when the web was considered new media. Tomorrow there will be another form of new media. We don’t call this service “Social Media Consulting” for a reason. There are a gazillion social media consultants out there. That could simply mean that someone knows how to set up a Facebook account for you. We go way beyond that.

The advantage to working with PDW as a new media consultant is that we live in the world of new media every day. We make a concerted effort to stay on top of the pulse of what is happening on the web and how it affects your business daily. We can help you understand how to effectively use new forms of media to market your business and drive traffic to your website. Today it’s Social Media, but whatever it is tomorrow you can be assured we will be on top of it.

You may want us to help you with:

  • Using social media sites for marketing purposes
  • Using social media to drive traffic to your website
  • Using free tools like “Google Places” to drive traffic to your website
  • Setting up Google Apps for your organization to share documents and other media