Website Design

Over the years, we’ve worked with many small businesses. The top priority for most of them has always been to have a professional and sophisticated looking website that is intuitive to use, represents their brand well, and is available for an affordable price. So, these needs are what we have tailored our web design services for.

Blogs and Content Management

We use one of the most robust and widely used blogging platforms available today, and we integrate it’s features into your custom design. We may also recommend a theme-based blog site when it fits. The options are endless.

Email Marketing

We think email marketing is the most effective form of direct marketing available today. We create a custom design for each campaign concept. Wether it’s a single promotional message or a newsletter design that will be used multiple times, we create designs using your brand’s visual elements and employing today’s best practices for email marketing.

Strategy & New Media Consulting

Understanding how to implement a larger scale business project like a branding redesign or a complex website development project can be a daunting undertaking without some understanding of the best practices of branding, usability, user interface design and information architecture. Let PDW help.

Email, Hosting and Domain Management

Email, Hosting and Domain management are crucial aspects of a web presence. Obviously, without somewhere to host your site and without a name to point at it, the site doesnt exist on the web. Without email you can’t communicate with your customers.