Stowe Seafood

Stowe Seafood is one of the best small business in Stowe, Vermont. A small little seafood shack that offers the freshest seafood around. Their varied selection is brought from the Boston fish pier several times a week to the mountains of Stowe where us lucky locals can get some of the best seafood available in Vermont. The owner of Stowe Seafood, Ed Flanagan, is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and the staff there treats you like family every time. There was no question that working with Ed was a great fit for Powell Design Works, and we are thrilled to have Stowe Seafood as a customer.

The website is a custom designed interface that was integrated into our blogging and content management platform, allowing them to post the most recent arrivals right to the “chalkboard” on the homepage and update all of the other content. The homepage chalkboard is a photo that was taken of the side of the Stowe Seafood building, and uses dynamic font rendering to emulate handwriting. If you visit their shop, you’ll see that same chalkboard, but with their hours of operation on it.


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