The Kalamazoo Valley District Dental Society is a non-profit dental organization in Southwestern Michigan. They are one of the largest and most active dental societies in the United States. Like any non-profit organization with a couple hundred members, they have administrative realities to deal with.

In late 2002, PDW worked with KVDDS and our favorite developer Scot Rumery of Rumspeed, to create a website that gave the organization the tools they needed to deal with those member-related administrative tasks. At the time it was a very advanced and well planned system that solved a lot of problems and gave the organization a nice public facing marketing presence. However, the real advantages of the site came with the private member area that allowed members to access documents & calendars, update their member information and more. That website lasted 10 years for the organization.

In late 2012 we all agreed it was time for a fresh site. The old site inspired much of the functionality. PDW immediately brought Rumspeed back into the mix and we made an amazing website that improved upon all of the great functionality of the old site while also introducing many administrative usability and workflow improvements. Members also benefited via improved profile update functionality, social integration and more.

KVDDS.com is one of the first large scale websites that we launched back in the day, and it continues to be a flagship system.

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