Simplifying a Complete Online Presence

An online presence is something that is necessary for every small business today. Gone are the days when a website was optional and marketing to your customers online wasn’t for everyone. It’s part of doing marketing right in our current business environment. The problem for most small businesses is that it’s very difficult to have a complete and broad understanding of what it takes to succeed online.

It is not always clear what a small business needs to do to succeed. Just having a website isnt really enough, because how do you drive new customers to the site if you are not reaching them in other online channels? Then there’s the challenge of having enough time left in your day to focus on maintaining your online presence.

Powell Design Works focuses greatly on offering our customers a complete online presence, and assisting them in following through with that aspect of their day to day business operations. What that means is that we take all of the guessing out of the equation and create a comprehensive plan that establishes an effective approach to online marketing that is unique to each of our clients’ situations.

We start with planning, incorporate the strong points of a brand and company identity via design, then extend that creativity to other online channels like email marketing, social media or online advertising.

If you are unsure about where to begin with your online presence, or what aspects of today’s marketing technologies you should focus on for your business, we can help. Contact us today to discuss where you’d like to take your business online.

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