Free Email Marketing Template

Powell Design Works is now offering a FREE mobile-friendly email template for your use within our killer email marketing system. You only pay to send. Here’s what you get…

  • A properly designed and mobile friendly email template for you to market a promotion or message to your customers.
  • Import of your existing email list into our email marketing platform.
  • A training session with you to show you the robust email marketing features of our email system and how to use your new template.
  • A primer on the infinite email marketing possibilities available when using our system.

You get a FREE* professionally designed email template that you can re-use as many times as you like.

Maybe you are running a new promotion or have other important information for your customers or group. Email marketing is a great way to get your message in front of the people who want to see it, and they will actually be able to read it on their phone!

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*Does not include email sending fees, which are per campaign and based on the number of recipients. Free services consist of creating a basic mobile friendly template with your logo and colors. One free template per customer. 

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