Email Marketing: Big Benefits for Small Businesses

Email marketing has become an extremely common form of creating promotional campaigns for many companies. Even five years ago we did not see nearly as many organizations using email marketing the way we do today. It has become one of the leading forms of internet marketing and has effectively begun to reduce the amount of junk mail we all receive in our post office boxes, thus being a more eco-friendly marketing solution than traditional print mailers.

Not only is it good for our environment, its great for our marketing budgets. If you compare the cost of a typical mass produced postcard (usually with a limited run number of 500 prints) to an HTML email campaign (with no minimum send limit), the savings is very obvious. Well designed print postcards can cost $2.00 a piece. Email campaigns can be as little as a few cents per recipient, and considering that most promotional messages, printed or emailed, usually get acted upon by less than 5% of their audience, the less you spend and waste on a campaign the better. After all, it takes repeated efforts to become accepted by your audience.

Cost is not the only benefit

Other benefits include…
  • Great brand exposure
    In my opinion, the most beneficial aspect of email marketing is that your brand is instantly in front of your potential customers. Because they have opted into your mailing list in the first place, it is likely that one of the primary methods they use to communicate is email. That means that as they are viewing their email your message receives their attention and your brand is seen almost immediately.
  • Big time saver over print productions
    There is much less time needed to produce a typical email campaign than a print mailer. There is no print production to worry about and no printers to deal with. The proofing is simple and easy. Changes are made easily and on the fly (prior to delivering).
  • Easily managed campaigns and subscriber lists
    Strong email marketing platforms allow you to create your own campaigns by using templates created by a designer, and also allow you to have control over your subscriber lists. You should also be able to place opt-in forms on your website so your site visitors can subscribe to your lists.
  • Easily measured effectiveness
    With a good email marketing platform, you will be able to measure the results immediately and in real time via a reporting system. You can see how many emails were opened, how many people clicked on which links (and who they are), which email software your customers are using, and more.

Email marketing is not just for the big guys anymore. There are great platforms available today that allow small businesses to take advantage of sophisticated email marketing technologies. So what usually keeps a small business like yours from being able to develop a strong email marketing program and fully engage with your customers? Usually, it is the lack of an email marketing strategy and the know-how required to implement it in a way that allows you to be in control of your campaigns. Once the strategy is developed, the necessary designs created, and the campaign management tools employed, there’s really nothing you can’t do with email to market to your customers.

This is where Powell Design Works comes in

Ask us about our robust email marketing platform and how you can get started using it to market to your customers with custom designed email templates. Our services also include email marketing strategy development that allows you to have a solid plan going forward. Learn more about our email marketing services, or contact us today to get started.

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