Your Email Editor Just Got a Facelift

Exciting New Improvements to the Create/Send Email Editor

PDW has always been proud to offer custom email marketing services using one of the best email marketing platforms available, Create/Send. It’s editor has allowed many of our clients to create great looking emails without having to pay us to do it every time. It also sends the emails for you and provides amazing stats and sharing options.

Today PDW is excited to announce that being released this coming Monday July 11th is a whole new editor for the Create/Send email marketing platform. The new editor, as seen in the video preview above, incorporates new template design capabilities for PDW to offer our email marketing clients. We already have the ability to offer simple, easy and robust
email marketing services via this platform, and our existing work will integrate seamlessly.

Some of the only limitations we’ve ever felt that the Create/Send system imposed were minor layout related editor issues like the inability to alternate image alignment from left to right within blocks of content, and the like.  The new improvements will clearly eliminate that issue and also improve many other aspects of the already excellent content editor.

If you have been thinking about doing email marketing but think it’s too much to take on yourself, we should talk.

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