About PDW

J. Powell

J. Powell

Powell Design Works is an independent creative freelance initiative by designer and technologist, Jason “J” Powell. PDW evolved out of a passion for design that began over 15 years ago and has included independent small-scale print projects, freelance website design and development projects, strategic consulting for business and brand development, email marketing and more. Today its focus is helping small businesses succeed online.

Around 1995 Jason was actively seeking ways to incorporate design into his every day life and into a career. This began with small projects like flyers for a local show or hand-crafted invitations for a wedding or party. In 1996 Jason was the driving force behind a very experimental community publication, the Review Publication of Kalamazoo, MI. It was created partly to experiment with print design and production, and partly as a voice in a community of young artists and musicians that was starving for change. The first website that Jason ever built, revurb.com, was created as an extension of the publication.

A very rustic and unrefined approach to design eventually gave him opportunities to discover and appreciate many aspects of graphic design, including identity design, print design, video production, and animation, but eventually web design became the primary focus. In 1997 he began attending Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI where he received a formal education in art and design and also developed his appreciation for writing and art history. His educational experience allowed for the beginning of a massive refinement of his style, and KCAD was where his first formal web design training began.

Throughout his ongoing career as Design Director at a leading website development firm, Jason has learned what really matters for businesses on the web, and learned how to transition a brand that was only physical to one that embraced an online business presence. After nearly 15 years of designing websites, he has found joy in working with the right small businesses to improve their bottom line by developing strong brands and using the web and online marketing to increase their visibility and meet their business goals.